Want this hotel next door to you?
It only sleeps 16 and you'd meet new neighbors every week!

The Vacation Rental Industry again wants to take us back to 2011 when a state law stripped away your local government's right to preserve and protect your neighborhood or condominium association?

That right was partially restored in 2014, but threatened in the last 2 years in the State Legislature. Although defeated in 2017 and 2018, the industry is back again in 2019 with more threats to home rule. Under the guise of equal property rights and claiming overreach by local government, the industry has convinced some new state legislators to again introduce bills that severely restrict the home rule authority of local government whether grandfathered or not. In addition, it has now been expanded to eliminate home owner association restrictions. If you want to preserve your community please join us and help stop this travesty. Learn more by navigating via the buttons at the top of this page or go to YOU CAN HELP to send an email to the legislature.

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