Our Cause

We are a small group of individuals with diverse backgrounds in business, real estate, government, technology and non-profit charitable initiatives.  One common denominator among us is that we each are fortunate to reside in Florida communities with attributes that attract others who wish to share the life we enjoy.  In 2013, alarmed by the unintended consequences of what was thought to be an innocuous change in law in 2011, we became committed to correcting this error.  This website became a means for us to inform and explain the issue to all concerned, and also to be a portal for fellow citizens and residents to make known their support for the repeal of the problematic language inserted in FS 509.032(7)(b) in 2011.  We think we had some effect on public opinion that allowed legislation in 2014 to return some portions of home rule to local governments.


 in 2017 and 2018 our rights were once more under attack when the industry attempted to preempt home rule and return us to the disaster of 2011. We think that the public outcry, partially facilitated through this site, defeated the effort.

The same attempt is currently underway by some new representatives targeted by the vacation rental industry. Our cause is to gather opposition to companion bills filed in the Florida Senate (SB824 by Senator Diaz(R)) and in the House of Representatives (HB987 by Rep Grant(R)).  Additionally, 3 Senate bills (SB812 and SB814 by Senator Simmons and SB1196 by Senator Mayfield) are of concern. If passed, these bills  obsolete all local regulations of short-term vacation rental housing made since 2014 by local governments. SB824 and HB987 are exact duplicates and as proposed even go further eliminating all preexisting regulation grandfathered in 2011. Our ultimate goal is to restore the choice of local communities so they can fulfill their own vision of what they wish in protecting and preserving the character of existing neighborhoods and condominium communities while properly managing the vacation rental phenomenon so that newcomers can be introduced to the benefit of living in florida. We are joined in this effort by the Florida League of Cities , who advocates on behalf of restoring zoning authority to local government.

We do not seek to marginalize the vacation rental industry in this endeavor. We simply wish to reacquire the right of due process should a question of incompatibility arise when a property in a residentially-zoned area is converted from a home to short-term rental housing. One thing we all agree upon is the importance of tourism to our state economy. The vacation rental industry is an important phenomenon that fills a market demand and promotes tourism in Florida. Sensible Floridians have proven over time that well-planned communities can accommodate seasonal, long-term and short-term visitors without sacrificing the character of our neighborhoods and heritage. We welcome our visitors and we hope they will find the paradise they discovered preserved for their enjoyment upon their return.


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