There is a large number of new members of the legislature who are afraid of the leadership and tend to “go along to get along” in these types of votes. That is how they get what they want. They are not willing to make stands for anyone. That is the sad fact about our legislators who are supposed to represent us who send them there with high hopes.

In fact, the opposition had the majority vote in the last Careers and Competition Subcommittee to kill the bill. However, after the chief lieutenant of the Speaker of the House (known as the "Majority Whip") worked the members of the subcommittee to turn the votes during the hearing, four representatives “flipped” their vote and decided to “go along to get along”. So, you see what we are up against in Tallahassee. Clear rational thought and the high road are not enough; we must fight this in the street and in the media. The state leadership chooses the tactics and weapons; we do not.







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