You Can Help

On Thursday, Feb 22 HB773 was heard by the House Government Accountability Committee and passed with a vote of 13 yes to 11 no.  For those of us who watched the hearing, it was very disappointing with no testimony allowed from the citizens or lobbyist for or against the bill. 

The Accountability Committee has now moved HB773 to the next and last committee, the Commerce committee. SB1400 is to be heard next by the Senate Appropriations Committee. We have updated the House mailer below to start our communications with the Commerce committee members. The Senate mailer has been the same for the past two weeks. Please email the committee members and let them know your wish that they kill these damaging bills.  We must show our elected officials we fully support the retention of Home Rule.

Please voice your objection to these bills through an email to both the Senate and House Committees below. Be sure to sign your name and include your home town. If you have the time, we think that a personal call is more effective. In any case, let your voice be heard. From our past experience it seems that when we shout loud enough, at least a few legislators start listening. 

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