You Can Help

On Thursday, Feb 22 HB773 is scheduled to be heard by the House Government Accountability Committee and SB1400 has been rescheduled to be heard by the Senate Appropriations Committee on March 1. Both bills are hostile to Home Rule and again attempt to preempt local government's constitutional right to regulate vacation rentals in residential areas. In spite of all the press and public outcry in favor of Home Rule, the Legislature keeps listening to the special interests who want to create investor owned mini-hotels in your residential area that only are regulated at the state level.

Please voice your objection to these bills through an email to both the Senate and House Committees below that are hearing these bills on Thursday 2/22 and March 1. Be sure to sign your name and include your home town. If you have the time, we think that a personal call is more effective. In any case, let your voice be heard. From our past experience it seems that when we shout loud enough, at least a few legislators start listening. 

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