You Can Help

 During last year's house session, 56 members courageously voted against limits to home rule. 54 are still there for the 2018 session. We need to encourage these same representatives to again support local government. You can send an email to all 54 and ask for their continued support to protect your property rights as a Florida resident.

Please use all the links below to send an email to the 54 house members who voted against HB425 in last year's session to encourage support for home rule during the 2018 session. Be sure to sign your name and include your home town. Note you will need to send 2 emails to cover all members, so you don't run into spamming limitations.

Thank you for participating. As of 2/11/18 which this was posted, this fight is ongoing . As events unfold we will post here the opportunity to email specific committees that consider these bills.

Note: depending on what type of computer you're using determines which 2 buttons to click below.