You Can Help

The Vacation rental Industry has shifted its emphasis to start attacking Home Owner Associations through a seemingly innocuous amendment to HB841 now before the full House. This is the same tactic used against vulnerable residential communities in 2011 and if enacted, this amendment would restrict HOAs from adequately regulating vacation rentals in their community. We think the most effective way of influencing this vote is to target individual members with a phone call or personal email asking them to oppose this amendment. We want to contact the following 5 influential House members:

  1. Randy Fine (R-Palm Bay)  (850) 717-5053
  2. Erin Grall (R-Vero Beach)  (850) 717-5054
  3. Paul Renner (R-Palm Coast)  (850) 717-5024
  4. Ray Rodrigues (R-Fort Myers)  (850) 717-5076
  5. Cyndi Stevenson (R–St. Augustine)  (850) 717-5017

If you oppose this industry effort to further dilute authority over rentals, please consider sending an email to these key House members through the links below. Click each individual link to send an email the 5 House members.  Be sure to add your name and home residence at the bottom. You may change the text supplied with the email as you see fit. Adding personal stories of your experience will help make this more powerful.  Hint, if you personalize your email, copy the text and it may be used in the subsequent emails.