You Can Help

 See News or Current Status above for more information. As of 4/24 the House bill passed the Commerce Subcommittee, so we are on hold. You can send an email below, but this committee is done.  Note: the Senate committee met on 4/17 and passed SB188 with an amendment. By all appearances this amendment "guts" the Senate bill and leaves current local regulation in place.

House Bill 425 was heard in the Commerce Subcommittee on April 24th. It passed by a vote of 17 to 11.

Senate Bill 188 was referred to the Community Affairs Committee where it was initially heard on Monday April 3rd. It was again taken up again on April 17th where it passed with an amendment effectively leaving current local ordinances in place. It was heard in the Rules Committee on April 25 where it passed with an amendment.

Thank you for participating. It appears that we are making a difference.

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