You Can Help

The House Agriculture and Property Rights Subcommittee met yesterday Tuesday March 14 and passed HB425 (which we oppose) by 1 vote. Please do not use this page as these are some of the people who didn't listen to us and passed this bill on to the next committee. We will determine the next committee and members and offer a similar facility to email them in the near future.

Your Home Rule FL Committee


We think the most effective way of influencing this vote is to target individual members with a phone call or personal email asking them to oppose this bill. We want to contact the following 7 committee members:

  1. Holly Raschein (R-Key Largo)  850-717-5120
  2. Chuck Clemons (R-Alachua Co., etc)  850-717-5021
  3. Stan McClain (R-Ocala)  850-717-5023
  4. Rick Roth (R-Palm Beach Gardens)  850-717-5085
  5. Tom Goodson (R - SubComm. Chair)  850-717-5051
  6. Elizabeth Porter (R – SubComm V.Chair)  850-717-5010
  7. Katie Edwards (D)  850-717-5098

Please click the links below to send an email to each of the 7 House Subcommittee members. You may change the text supplied with the email as you see fit. Adding personal stories of your experience will help make this more powerful. Be sure to add your name and home residence at the bottomHint, if you personalize your email, copy the text and it may be used in the subsequent emails.