You Can Help

For now our fight is over. HB425 which had been substituted for SB188 in the Senate was laid to rest and not passed. See the Current Status page for more details.

If you participated in sending emails to our elected state officials, thank you. On multiple occasions this was a fluid situation. These bills were presented to 3 different committees in each chamber, were postponed, amended and finally brought to the floor of each Chamber. At each step the effect on our local communities may have varied. In each case we tried to follow the bills and ask each of you to send the Legislature your opposition (or in one case a favorable amendment in the House or the amended favorable bill in the Senate). Toward the end of this campaign, over 200 of you spent time to take on this task each time we asked.

Although the data is inexact, we calculate that over the course of this campaign, you sent roughly 60,000 emails to individual legislators. We are told by those closest to the situation in Tallahassee, that we indeed made a difference. Thank you again.

As of this time no more emails are offered for you to execute. We are attempting to compile a list of all legislators and their voting records on this issue. If possible we will try to compose emails to those that supported this cause and encourage them to continue the efforts that allow local governments the ability to determine the character of their communities.

Your Home Rule FL Committee