You Can Help

We are asking you to send three emails —  one to each of the members of the second 2 committees considering HB1383 and HB987 in the House and 1 for SB824 in the Senate. These all are very harmful to home rule. Note: depending on what type of computer you're using determines which button to click below.

Currently House Bill 1383 (Grant) has been referred to the Commerce Subcommittee and HB987 (Grant) has been referred to the Government Operations & Technology Appropriations Subcommittee. The Senate Bill 824 (Diaz) has been referred to the Community Affairs Committee.

Please click the links below (depending on what device you're using) to send an email to each House Subcommittee member and each Senate Committee member. You may change the text supplied with the email as you see fit. Be sure to add your name and home residence at the bottom