You Can Help

 On April 28, the House passed HB425 by a vote of 63-56, a much closer margin than it had experienced in any prior committee. Fortunately this bill that would have stripped local government of home rule did not survive the Senate and died on the floor. A tally of the House floor vote is available here:

Through a big lobbying effort and public outcry through mediums such as this web site, some House representatives began to listen. They became aware of the disastrous consequences in allowing the vacation rental industry unregulated access to our communities. Many of these representatives went against their party leadership and risked political consequences. They deserve our thanks for being courageous and understanding our concerns.

Also, we are told that there are 8 Representatives who not only opposed this bill, but worked behind the scenes to convince others or find useful compromises that would be satisfactory to local governments. They are: Reps Moraitis, Fine, Grall, Hager, Moskowitz, Peters, Ponder and Richardson. They deserve special recognition.

Please use all the links below to send an email to the 56 house members who voted against HB425 on Friday 4/28. Be sure to sign your name and include your home town. Note you will need to send 2 emails to cover all members, so you don't run into spamming limitations.

Thank you for participating. Please be aware that this fight is not over. We will need the support of these members again in 2018. Some legislators have already made it clear that they will introduce bills in the next session to again strip away your local government's right to home rule.

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