You Can Help

As of 4/17 we are asking you to send only one email — one to each of the members of the third Subcommittee considering HB425 (oppose) in the House.  Note: the Senate committee below met on 4/17 and passed SB188 with an amendment. By all appearances this amendment "guts" the bill and leaves current regulation in place. Note: depending on what type of computer you're using determines which button to click below.

House Bill 425 will most likely be heard in the Commerce Subcommittee the week of April 24th. It is important that you send your objection as this is the first time the bill will be heard in this Subcommittee. There are members of this committee that have voted previously with other committees - 2 against (Ausley, Goodson) and 6 for (Beshears, Edwards, Gruters, Miller, Roth, Trumbull). Personal appeals to the first 2 reaffirming that they are making the correct decision or to the 6 asking that they reconsider the dire consequences if they continue to support this bill will enhance our efforts.

Senate Bill 188 was referred to the Community Affairs Committee where it was initially heard on Monday April 3rd. It was again taken up again on April 17th where it passed with an amendment effectively leaving current ordinances in place.

Please click the links below (depending on what device you're using) to send an email each House Committee member. Feel free to change the text supplied with the email to fit your circumstances. Adding personal stories of your experience will help make this more powerful. Be sure to add your name and home residence at the bottom.

Thank you to those of you who have submitted personal experience (and even pictures) in the past. We have tried to make good use of them by consolidating individual stories and supplying them to selected lobbyists who are working to oppose this bill. Keep them coming! By personally confronting Legislators with multiple illustrations of the common negative impact on our communities, these lobbyists are best able to make an impact on our behalf.