You Can Help

 As of 5/2, all that is left is for SB188 as amended to be heard on the Senate floor on 5/3. This bill is acceptable to Home Rule advocates as is. However, we have heard rumors that a late night amendment may be offered to alter this bill and make it closer to the onerous provisions of HB425. Therefore, we are asking you to once more send an email to all Senators with your opinion - in this case vote in favor of SB188 as is and to vote against any additional amendments. If you are more comfortable asking the Senators to completely oppose SB188, please alter the wording in the email and send it anyway. We believe either outcome is acceptable, but accepting SB188 with existing amendments may be more palatable to a Senator.

You may use all the links below to send an email to 37 Senate members urging them to vote in favor of SB188 as amended.  Note you will need to send 2 emails to cover all members, so you don't run into spamming limitations.

Thank you for participating. It appears that we are making a difference.

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