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Please Florida Legislator, How Many More Residents Do We Have to Lose Before You Wake Up?

Mar 2, 2017 | 1 comment

The Beach Community of Anna Maria Island is down 20% in permanent residents. Here’s one more example reported in the Sun Newspaper on March 1, 2017 where a resident has served his community for years, but has had it with the disruption caused by vacation rentals. He is no longer a participant, just a statistic.

Frank Harrison

P&Z member leaving AMI over rentals


Bradenton Beach Planning and Zoning Board member Frank Harrison tendered his written resignation last week after recently announcing that he would soon be leaving the board because he and his wife, Priscilla VonAhnen, are selling their house on 11th Street South and leaving their Island home of more than 40 years.

The couple is moving across the bridge to the north end of Longboat Key. In recent years, Harrison has repeatedly expressed displeasure that he and his wife gradually became the only permanent residents left on a street that is now populated by vacation rental homes. The couple spearheaded the citizen-led efforts to enact the voter-approved, six-month building moratorium that is scheduled to expire in May.

During his final planning board meeting, Harrison encouraged the board and the city commission to continue working to address the concerns associated with large vacation rentals taking over residential neighborhoods.

1 Comment

  1. Katherine Kole

    I bought my charming beach bungalow at 309 Tarpon, Anna Maria in the early 1990’s and at that time I was one of few non-resident owners on one of the most charming streets in Anna Maria filled with families and children. Now in the last several years a major change has taken place as neighbors are selling their homes for good prices and I am in the midst of rental homes. I believe that we as a community have the right to control the growth in our community. Why should it be the builders and realtors who control our destiny?!! If we don’t do something, the charm of the island that both residents and visitors like will be gone.

    Katherine Kole
    309 Tarpon Anna Maria, Fl


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