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SB522 Has been Temporarily Postponed

After the Senate was originally going to hear the Bill in the Rules Committee on several occasions the bill has been delayed yet again. This is a good sign because this means that they cannot agree on the language of the bill. However, there is still time for them to push this bill through in its final week. We still need YOUR support! Don’t hesitate to click on our TAKE ACTION Page and share your thoughts as to why the Senate should Oppose SB522!

SB 522 will be heard in the Senate Rules Committee this Tuesday

SB522 will be heard in the Senate Rules Committee this Wednesday, April 20th @ 8:30 AM. Although the bill has been amended, the principle still stands against local regulation of vacation rentals. Please click the “Take Action” button in the top right to fight this change! Don’t forget to share your personal experience to explain to the committee members why they need to prevent the bill from going any further in the Senate!

House Committee Postpones VR Bill

After the Senate scaled back its version of the bill, the House Ways and Means committee met on Monday 3/22/2021 and postponed consideration of a measure that would limit the authority of local governments to regulate vacation-rental properties.

Appropriations Committee Amends SB522

The Senate Appropriations Committee amended SB 522  ahead of their most recent meeting before finding the bill favorable and sending it to the Rules Committee. This is more than likely not the last time that this bill will be amended as there are still a few steps in the legislative process for this bill.