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We are asking you to send an opposition email to the members of the Senate Committee on Community Affairs considering SB 512 Vacation Rentals. If passed, this bill would not only limit vacation rental regulations a local municipality could place on vacation rentals, but also the registration fee.

If this bill passes, a municipality would be limited to set a vacation rental registration fee of no more than $50!

  • A property safety inspection costs more than $50, and that is just one of many components and associated costs necessary in the vacation rental registration process.
  • The vacation rental registration fees charged by a municipality are NOT profit, but simply cover the costs associated with ensuring the safety and compliance with local laws of a vacation rental property. Issues that directly impact you as a resident, business owner, or visitor.
  • If municipalities are limited to charging no more than $50 for vacation rental registration, the funds to cover the other associated costs will come out of your pocket in the form of tax increases.

Senate Bill 512 will be heard at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, February 2, 2022, by the Senate Committee on Community Affairs. Now is the time to act and send an email opposing this bill!

Please click the links above (depending on what device you're using) to send an email to each Senate Committee on Community Affairs member. You may change the subject line and/or the text supplied within the email as you see fit.

Be sure to add your name and city of residence at the bottom.

**If the above email buttons do not work for you, below are the email addresses of the Representatives. Clicking on the list will open a new email and you can cut and paste the subject line and body of the email from below.**


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Dear Senator,

Please preserve Home Rule and vote against further consideration of Senate Bill 512: Vacation Rentals. If allowed to become law, SB 512 will force local governments to increase my taxes and/or cut staff. Neither option is acceptable. 

The fees collected by my local government for vacation rental registrations is not profit, but revenue to cover the costs associated with ensuring the health and safety of not only the visitors renting the vacation property but also the surrounding community.

Property inspections alone cost more than the meager $50 this bill proposes registration fees be limited to, which means my tax dollars will have to go toward paying for the inspection of someone else’s income-generating property. And what about the ongoing efforts of my local government’s staff to ensure laws and ordinances are enforced? Will my taxes have to be raised to cover the costs associated with enforcement of someone else’s income-generating property?  

For these reasons, I request you vote AGAINST SB 512. Thank you for your leadership and thoughtful consideration of how this matter impacts your constituents.