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Let local government regulate Vacation Rentals. Tell your House of Representatives to stop the power grab!

HB0833 is a ham-fisted attempt to benefit out-of-state “Big Business” vacation rental corporations. Not only is the bill intentionally ambiguous and filled with takeaways from local government, it will seriously hurt Florida residents who want nothing more than to live their lives in their dream home without the unreasonable interference of being surrounded by what are effectively unregulated “mini-hotels”. Taking away the ability to regulate Vacation Rentals from your local government and moving it to the state is a serious mistake!

Realistically, the State of Florida will not be able to effectively regulate vacation rentals stuck in the middle of single family residential areas scattered all over the state. The bill effectively
destroys the powers of local elected officials from being able to effectively protect their citizens from the deleterious effects of vacation rentals.

Please let the House of Representatives know how you feel by sending an email to their members.

Click here to read the full context of the bill

Don’t forget to forward this email to your family, friends, and neighbors and ask them to help keep local decisions locally made.

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