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Send an email to Governor DeSantis urging him to veto CS/HB 403!

If allowed to become law, CS/HB 403 will allow

  • The bill will void existing local ordinances or regulations that have tailored unique solutions to homeowner and business concerns.
  • Local governments will not be able to place limits on business signs, exterior storage and traffic generated by a home-based business.  Again, these types of matters should be tailored to the residential setting where a home-based business operates rather than defaulting to the same regulations used in commercial or industrial zones.
  • Local governments will not be able to set common-sense limitations on hours of operation.  CS/HB 403 prohibits local governments from regulating a home-based business differently from other businesses in a commercial zone.  The hours of operation for a business in a commercial district may not be appropriate for a business in a residential neighborhood.
  • Local governments will not be able to prohibit activities from occurring within view of the street.


Please click on the button below to send a personal email to Governor DeSantis urging him to veto CS/HB 403! (Note: Because of restrictions, this may not work if your email is Microsoft Outlook)

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You may change the text supplied with the email as you see fit. Adding personal stories of your experience will help make this more powerful. Be sure to add your name and home of residence at the end of your email.

Reinforcing your email message with a call to Governor DeSantis at (850) 717-9337 will help our cause immensely! We need to continue to make a difference. Your time and efforts are much appreciated!


Should the email link above not work for any reason, please send your email directly to: | (850) 717-9337

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