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Thanks to YOUR action in sending emails to Governor DeSantis, he vetoed Senate Bill 620: The Local Business Protection Act!

The bill, sponsored by Senator Travis Hutson, was first-of-its-kind legislation in the country and would have set ALL local governments back financially, while eroding their ability to govern locally.

We encourage you to send an email of thanks to Governor DeSantis for his continued support of Home Rule by stopping legislation that would:

            • Allow businesses to threaten local governments with lawsuits paid for by taxpayers;
            • Lead to a number of financially motivated and malicious lawsuits, costing local governments millions annually, forcing local governments to increase taxes and/or reduce services to cover legal fees; and
            • Provid national companies the ability to exploit the bill for their advantage against local ordinances.

Click the link above to send your email and be sure to include your name and city or town of residence.

Please ask your family, friends, and neighbors to also email their thanks to Governor DeSantis.