House Bills

HB 0833 Vacation Rentals
Mar 26, 2023

Revises provisions relating to vacation rentals including taxes collected by advertising platforms; licensing; local registration; information included on advertising platforms.

Effective Date: upon becoming a law

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Senate Bills

SB 280 Vacation Rentals - 2024
Dec 2, 2023
SB 280 - Vacation Rentals - 2024
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Mar 14, 2023

Vacation Rentals: Requiring advertising platforms to collect and remit specified taxes for certain vacation rental transactions; defining the term “advertising platform”; revising the regulated activities of public lodging establishments and public food service establishments preempted to the state to include licensing; requiring advertising platforms to require that persons placing advertisements for vacation rentals include certain information in the advertisements and attest to certain information; authorizing the division to revoke, refuse to issue or renew, or suspend vacation rental licenses under certain circumstances, etc.

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