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The next legislative session begins March 7, 2023, and we will update this page in the weeks before as legislators begin meeting.

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House Committee Postpones VR Bill

After the Senate scaled back its version of the bill, the House Ways and Means committee met on Monday 3/22/2021 and postponed consideration of a measure that...

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The Battle Continues into 2021

Florida Lawmakers Move to Scrap Local Governments’ Vacation Rental Regulations. Read more about it here:

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Same Battle as 2020

The state legislature has initiated its annual battle with local governments over vacation rentals. Read about it in the Anna Maria Sun newspaper:...

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Super Bowl Draws Illegal Rentals

The South Florida Sun Sentinel illustrates one of the many problems caused by vacation rentals in residential areas - illegal advertising on AirBnB and other...

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HB1011 Now has Funding

HB1011 passed the Government Operations and Technology Subcommittee by a vote of 8 to 5 on 2/4. An amendment was added as follows: “For the 2020-2021 fiscal year,...

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Lido Key Latest to Fall Victim

Beautiful Lido Key, home of the famous shopping mecca St. Armands Circle near Sarasota on Florida’s west coast is the latest to fall into the clutches of...

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The Ultimate Hypocrisy

Senator Manny Diaz has again introduced a bill (SB1128) that would preempt all local Vacation Rental rule ordnances and decimate vulnerable local...

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Follow the Money

In case there is any doubt as to what really motivates our elected representatives, please read the article below. It is easy to correlate the names mentioned in...

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Another setback for Home Rule?

Rep Halsey Beshears was recently appointed by Governor DeSantis as Secretary of Business and Professional Regulation. Rep Beshears has not been a proponent for...

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The Fight Starts All Over Again

Apparently Sen. Steube didn't heed the advice offered in the editorial on May 4 in the Observer papers (and posted below) that advised him to recalculate his...

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An Editorial on Sen. Steube

This editorial finds merit in Steube's willingness to stand up for his beliefs. However, the article also illustrates the unfortunate part is that his beliefs are...

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An Op-Ed in the Business Observer

Home Rule – Florida Coastal Communities

Large and rowdy groups using online apps to rent condos and homes owned by corporations, not individuals. New “residential” construction clearly aimed at the build-and-flip and short stay rental market. Mushrooming burdens on local law enforcement, fire departments, sewer and water utilities and other public services. Environmental threats to habitat and wildlife, increased traffic and changes to the character and historic charm of communities.

All of this is familiar to residents of Florida’s coastal towns and cities.

In the Airbnb era, many Floridians are asking: What rights do you as a residential property owner have to the quiet enjoyment of your property?

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Lifestyle at Risk

Here's the latest from some Anna Maria residents who are not against vacation rentals, but just want some...

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